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BBQ Team

One way to support Viking Charities is to buy a tri-tip sandwich prepared by the Viking BBQ Team. Another way is to hire them to cook at your  next affair. Money collected over and above expenses ends up in either the General Fund or the Endowment Fund. And those funds support the medical needs of individuals and health care organizations in Santa Barbara County.

Blood Drive

The Vikings host two blood drives each year. Donors are treated to a dinner at one of many participating restaurants. A goal of 100 pints was established for the last blood drive and the goal was achieved! Thanks to all who donated for making this event a resounding success. Your contribution surely helped save a life!


Over $95,000 was donated toward various medically related needs  during the ’70s. That number exceeded $550,000 in the 80s and grew beyond $770,000 during the 90s. Viking Charities has provided over $1 million to the community during the last decade. Every dollar donated to Viking Charities reaches someone in need.  There are no salaries and all operating expenses are borne by the Vikings. With the creation of the Endowment Fund, a method was put in place to provide for future medical needs in perpetuity. The principle cannot  be used but continues to grow. The income generated by the fund is used to  support our mission. The fund surpassed the million dollar milestone earlier this year!


If you have been touched by the charitible efforts of the Vikings, we would gladly accept whatever amount you’d like to donate to our cause. One way to support us is through a gift to the Endowment Fund. Many times, this gift is given in honor of a loved one. You should consult your financial planner when making pledges to Viking Charities. Viking Charities, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization and is  chartered as a 509(a)2 public charity, making your contributions tax  deductible. All operating expenses are covered by the Vikings so 100% of your gift reaches a needy person.


Our members come from all walks of life, religion, politics, and business. We are inclusive by our nature and do not judge anyone against standards in these areas. Prospective members must have a Viking Sponsor who brings them to at least two meetings. After attending two meetings, those who would like to join submit an application with their annual contribution of $300. The application is submitted to the Viking Gold Cuppers (Board of Directors) for review and approval. Upon approval by the Gold Cuppers a prospective member becomes a Fledgling Viking and subject to the expectations set forth below. Twice a year, in May and November, up to 6 Fledglings who have complied with the expectations are initiated into the Vikings.
Being a Viking is not about the cost, but of course, there is some cost involved. Vikings and Fledglings alike are expected to make a minimum annual contribution, the amount of which is set by the Gold Cuppers and does change from time-to-time. It has recently been raised to $300 beginning in 2012. In addition, there is a fee for the dinner meetings due at the door before dinner, the rate for which is principally made up of the dinner’s cost. Vikings are encouraged to give at other times, i.e., for the Children’s Christmas Party, when a Viking passes, and to the Endowment Fund. And, of course, during Viking Fund-raisers, Vikings are encouraged both to help physically as well as financially.
Viking Fledglings are expected to:

  • Make an annual contribution by March 15th each year to Viking Charities, Inc. in the amount of $300
  • Attend monthly dinner meetings
  • Assist as requested with the Gatekeeper responsibilities
  • Have the Fledgling Handbook signed off by Viking Committee Chairs
  • Ride on the Viking Ship during public “sailing” events
  • Assist by attending and/or contributing to all Viking Events and Fund Raising activities such as the Christmas Party for Special Needs Children and any other charitable activity undertaken by Viking Charities
  • Alert the Charity Committee of any person in our community who may need assistance based on medical needs and financial limitations
  • Consider supporting the Viking Endowment Fund through a contribution, pledge, bequest or other vehicle, including memorial contributions to honor fallen fellow Vikings
  • Learn the words to “Han Skal Leve” as printed on the back cover of the Viking Membership Roster


As the Vikings were establishing their reputation as a force in providing philanthropic assistance, they also became known as a social group that partied as hard as they worked. The Vikings have historically enjoyed the camaraderie provided by the monthly meetings of members and the opportunities to get to know each other better. While the meeting parameters change from time-to-time, they have normally started with drinks in the “Hallowed Hall” followed by dinner. Business during these monthly meetings has historically been held to a minimum number of introductions and announcements, all with an eye toward enhancing the social aspect of our meetings. Among the traditions adopted by the Vikings of Solvang was the custom of having each Viking’s name engraved on his glass and the requirement that the Vikings “drink from no other cup in the hallowed halls.” One of the honors that a Fledgling enjoys at the time of his initiation is the presentation of his glass engraved with his name. You get the privilege of asking for your Viking glass even outside of Viking functions.