History and Traditions

Blood Drive
The first blood drive was held in the Windmill Room at the Danish Inn. There were about 20 donors who each received a free smorgasbord from the Danish Inn. At that time, the annual dues were $50 and blood donor dues were waived. The blood drive was extended into the Copper Room and the Blue Room where it remained until the Danish Inn was closed.
At that time, the blood belonged to the Vikings and we had our own Viking Blood Account. We could draw on it as we so desired.

The first initiation took place at the Danish Inn where about 40 members became Vikings. The first Steward was Lude Virgil, head bartender at the Scandia Restaurant in LA and their Steward. Initiations were held semi-annually and limited to six Fledglings per initiation. The fee was $100. Each Fledgling was given a glass, plaque, helmet and badge. This also continued until the Danish Inn was closed.