Endowment Fund

The Viking Endowment Fund was created in 2000 with a transfer of $3,810 from the William Joshua Phelps fund as a foundation
upon which future financing and charitable work could be based. As with many such endowment funds the Viking Endowment accepts
contributions and pledges from Vikings and the public at large in an effort to build the corpus of the fund. Earnings on the
principal each year are available, as needed, to the Viking operating fund for philanthropic projects and/or needs, but the
principal itself cannot be used. 

Vikings are encouraged to make annual contributions to the Endowment and are offered an opportunity to make contributions to 
the Endowment “in memoriam” when one of our Viking brothers makes the transition to “Valhalla”.

In 2011, the Viking Endowment Fund balance broke through the One Million Dollar ceiling and doubled in value over the next
ten years. It continues to grow as a tool for future Viking works.

The endowment Fund Committee formulates and reviews the investment strategy and works with a professional investment management
firm to actually manage the funds. The Endowment Fund Committee meets monthly on the 2nd Tuesday each month and conducts an
annual retreat to review investment strategy.

Committee Members

Joel Baker
Dan Cassara
James Cassidy
Henry James Glimp
Max Hanberg
Larry Humburger
George Johnson
Richard S. Kline
Richard Krost
Edward Kushner
Rene Martinez
Christen Nielsen
Mike Peterson
James Richardson
Rodney Smeester
James Victor
Neil Zuehlke

En Tusind Pin

William Alton
Allen Anderson
Joel Baker
Dave Bemis
Bill Bernstein
Robert Biddinger
Bob Blokdyk
Tom Bormes
David Bradley
Joseph Real Brown
Stephen Bryant
Herbert Bundgen
Tom Carlson
Dan Cassara
James Cassidy
Patrick Cavanaugh
Charles Chester
Richard Christensen
Jack Coble
Jim Colvin
William F. Connell
Timothy W. Crist
Harry Crosby
A.C. D’Augustine
William H. Davidge
Jean-Paul Demeure
Joseph Dugan
Robert Etling
Robert Evans
John Feazelle
Brooks Firestone
Brian Forrer
Stewart Fries
Tim Gorham
Charles Greenwald
Michael Grenier
Ken Gruendyke
John Hager
Max Hanberg
Leo ‘Chip’ Hanley
Chris Hartman
William Heringer
Larry Humburger
Mark Infanti
Robert Jackson
Glen Jacobsen
Knud Jacobsen
David Jamieson
Gary Jensen
Kim K. Jensen
George Johnson
Allan Jones
Les Jones
Art Kaslow
James S. Kelly
Steven Lloyd Kester
Richard S. Kline
Richard Krost
Edward Kushner
Arthur Lacerte
Roger Lane
Allan T. Larsen
Hans Larsen
Steve Larson
Robert Leite
Ronald Long
Chris Lowry
Stephen Lykken
Clive Markey
Rene Martinez
Tom McConnell
Kendall Mills
Jefferey Modic
Joel Morton
Mike Nedegaard
Alan Needham
David Nelson
Gary Nett
Christen Nielsen
Richard Nocis
Gary Novatt
Kevin O’Connor
Richard A. Oas
Marc Owens
Jack Patterson
Ricky Payne
Ted Perry
Aaron Petersen
Mike Peterson
Erling Pohls
Gary Politte
Bob Raleigh
James Richardson
Douglas Riedy
Richard Saferite
Alvin Salge
Mark Sanchez
John E. Scanlon
Michael Schoff
Samuel M. Sell
David Seltzer
William Shalhoob
Richard Shawcroft
Norman Skau
Rodney Smeester
David Smith
Ken Sorenson
Todd Sorenson
Kim Switzer
Jim Thomas
John Turner
Joseph Tyson
Philip Vacca
James Victor
Jim Vizzolini
Mitchell Voss
Dan Vossler
Steen Weber
Alvie Whitaker
Jack Williams
James Wittenbrock
John Wrench
David Wyatt
Neil Zuehlke